e-Clip Press Review

The press release service has never been
so easy and cost-effective

Clipping bureaus and press associations now have a clear solution to help bring them into a new era of technology and revenue streams by digitizing their current processes.

NewsMemory e-Clip Press Review is designed to receive data electronically, locate and place articles into a database, perform predefined searches for specific clients, allow readers to tag articles, and electronically disseminate articles.

Invoicing and accounting systems can also be integrated into the e-Clip Press Review solution allowing for electronic invoicing, online payments, and a reduction in paperwork.
Production turnaround time and access to e-Clip archives are just a few upsell options that clipping bureaus can create with their new e-Clip solution.
Other opportunities include repurposing the e-Clip data into e-Editions and e-Tears for the clipping services newspaper members.

How can e-Clip Press Review work for you?

  • Lower costs
  • Reduce inefficiencies
  • Secure reliable accounting information
  • Expedite turnaround