2-in-One App

A new way to interact with and engage readers

An App featuring real time news and the digital replica, all in one!

Live news feeds provide your readers with breaking news, updates and the published content of record, PLUS access to archives all from ONE app, with an intuitive and responsive design.

  • Perfect reading experience for any screen size
  • Quick free search across all the articles
  • Capability to comment, share articles, photos, coupons, local events and more with friends on social networks
  • Read aloud

Generate new revenue using your existing web-advertising inventory
In Story Web Ads both for your e-edition and breaking news. Ads can be sourced from your print advertisements or from your web ad server (e.g. google ads).

Integration with the Tecnavia Metered Paywall as an option that will greatly enhance the value of your App, protecting your content and allowing you to profile your readers.