Newsletter email-Push

Keep in touch with your readers!

With Newsletter email push :

  • Remind your readers and potential readers that the new issue is online: an extract of the main articles from the first page or from specific sections will peak readers interest, and with just a click, are taken to your e-edition. No login required!
  • New web advertising opportunities
    Enhance the value of your advertising offerings with new spaces in the Newsletter.
    Manage the advertising in the Newsletter with a simple user-friendly interface.


  • No additional workload for your staff, generation of the email is completely automatic and is sent as soon as the new e-edition becomes available
  • New captivating graphics
  • Responsive Web design
  • Full compatibility with all email clients
  • Link directly to the article with “Read more”
  • Customized push notification for the App:
    New issue automatic messages are sent to the App readers based on the main article of the newsletter;  background download is an option also available with the push notification.