Adaptive Network Speed: perfect publication with any form of connectivity!

Read anywhere, even abroad.

You’re in a foreign airport, you have time to read your newspaper.

By selecting the Adaptive Network Speed mode in NewsMemory Bluebird, in a few seconds and at very low connection cost, you will be able to read and flip through all its content.

From that point on, you can continue to read, even when you are airborne, by setting your device to flight mode.

If there is a wireless link available, you can access and interact with any of the multimedia content that may be present, flip through and zoom in to pages in advanced graphics mode.
In this way, when you move on to the offline edition, you will continue to browse the pages with the same quality because, while you were flipping through the first pages, we have moved all the texts and various images with various definitions to your device, without you realizing it.


Adaptive Network