​Grafschafter Nachrichten​ selects Tecnavia’s HTML 5.0 e-Paper and 2-in-one Apps

Grafschafter Nachrichten ( Nordhorn – Germany), a strong regional newspaper in the Grafschaft region, not far from the Dutch border, has ​gone live with Tecnavia’s Newsmemory Bluebird. “During WAN-IFRA 2014 in Amsterdam we scanned the market and finally have decided for Tecnavia as supplier of our digital services, based on the possibility to use standard pdf files as input for the e​-P​aper​, ​which are automatically processed to readable articles. This gives us more stability and reliability in delivering the e​-P​aper to the customers. Another important argument for Tecnavia was the ability to offer a solution for web, iOS and ​A​ndroid which covered most of the common used devices on the market,“, says​ ​Mr. Andre Kröse, Head ​of ​EDV and responsible for the implementation of this project.

Grafschafter Nachrichten​ presents their NewsMemory Bluebird e-Paper with the same layout and user experience across all devices for a pleasant and engaging reading experience. The Bluebird digital e-Paper services Grafschafter Nachrichten offers are the HTML 5.0 version, a ground-up update that uses the latest HTML5 technology to run e-Papers on tablets and smartphones without the need for a platform-specific App. Grafschafter Nachrichten also offers Tecnavia’s 2-in-one iOS and Android App: an App featuring real time news to keep their readers constantly informed plus the digital daily newspaper replica, all in one, for readers on the move. Grafschafter Nachrichten will now offer products from Tecnavia, designed and implemented with a focus on the customer’s needs, who will have access to the best of both worlds: the replica of the print product, and the latest news of Grafschafter Nachrichten: anytime, anywhere!