Tecnavia Apps is proud to celebrate 10 years of success.Tecnavia Apps was founded the 9th of November 2011 in Milan, Italy, with the aim of helping Editors increasing the number of subscribers and growing their revenues. As one of the leading e-Publishing company, we propose a full range state of art solutions capable of satisfying the online presence needs of small, medium, and big sized papers.

Tecnavia’s first ‘Users and ePublishing Roadmap Conference’ – 23/11/2021 Landquart, Switzerland

We are pleased to announce Tecnavia’s first Users and ePublishing Roadmap Conference that will take place the 23rd November at Landquart, Switzerland.
At the Conference, we will have the pleasure of sharing with you information that will help you overcome the challenges that the market poses to you on a daily basis. We will show you some solutions that will help you increase subscribers, ensure a more targeted offer to your advertisers and increase your revenue.