Leading Ausserschwyz Publications Select Tecnavia​

The Swiss local newspapers March-Anzeiger and Höfner Volksblatt, two leading Ausserschwyz publications, have selected Tecnavia’s NewsMemory Bluebird as their digital replica. March-Anzeiger and Höfner Volksblatt are produced in their entirety in Ausserschwyz, while news is covered by editorial teams in Lachen and Wollerau. Technical support is provided by the publisher, Theiler Druck AG, in Wollerau, close to the banks of picturesque Lake Zürich.

Since June 1997, the two traditional local newspapers March-Anzeiger (founded in 1860) and Höfner Volksblatt (since 1862) have been working together. Five times a week, from Monday to Friday, both titles provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about the events in the districts of March and Höfe, the canton of Schwyz, and in addition, a network of correspondents deliver (inter)national news.

“Tecnavia, founded in Switzerland, is very proud to be selected to partner with the Swiss Theiler Druck AG to achieve their goal of keeping readers informed 24 hours a day”, said René Sluyk, European Sales Manager at Tecnavia. “We are excited to provide Tecnavia’s Digital Replica solution, as well as additional online products.”

Last week, Theiler launched the first part of their digital archive project for March-Anzeiger and Höfner Volksblatt. Readers can currently access editions dating back to May 2012, with editions back to April 2006 becoming available soon, giving readers the opportunity to search and browse within the heritage of these leading local newspapers.

“It is a real pleasure working with Tecnavia, in which we have found a technology partner also ready to implement our ideas quickly and easily”, said Mr. Philip Theiler, the fourth generation of the publisher family Theiler, who runs the company with an eye for newspaper tradition and digital progress.

​Tecnavia, with 20 years experience in e-publishing, processing and managing 1700+ titles and over 8 million pages per year, has always aimed to provide high-performance, innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions. Today, Tecnavia continues this tradition relying on hard work, bright ideas, and continuous research & development.


Top image: The printing factory of March-Anzeiger and Höfner Volksblatt in Wollerau, Ausserschwyz ( copyright: Theiler Druck AG )

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