With e-Commerce you can use any electronic payment method, including text messaging and coupons. We will ask you to do just one thing: give authorization and notify us of the particulars for direct crediting, on which all the functions should operate. Everything, absolutely everything, is under your complete control.  

Advertising Circulars

Advanced Marketplace

Classify all advertisements by sub-categories! You will be amazed at the new business opportunities that Marketplace offers you by sending you back, for the web, but not just for the web, all the notices and ads classified by sub-categories in a user-friendly, intuitive manner. See Advanced Marketplace in action →.

e-Tracker – KPI Generator

e-Tracker will make your editorial secretariat’s work far easier.  In this form, each content item is recognized and then attributed to each staff member or agency accounting in detail for the number of articles and photos published. This form can be used to obtain the KPI – Key Performance Index – values so that you […]