Split Screen: both graphical and textual view

Split Screen

With a simple double click or a two-finger gesture on the touch screen in native Apps, you can interact with the exclusive Split Screen reading experience provided by NewsMemory Bluebird. Concentrate on the text, adjust it to your screen size, avoid continually having to go back to the start unnecessarily. The pages, together with the […]

Page jumps, read on without a breack

Page Jumps

For all those articles, typically on the front page, that at a certain point end with the words “Continued on page xx”: Page Jumps automatically skips the distance. Newsmemory Bluebird is pure intelligence: through recognition of Page Jumps, the reader will not only be able to avoid actions that are unnecessary in the digital world […]

Content segmentation

Content Segmentation

Using advanced technology like Validated Segmentation ensures that in any situation, all contents, are perfectly clipped and indexed – so that the text is completely extrapolated on all pages to provide an engaging, intuitive reading experience -. This is really important to have the best readability on all devices, including smartphones and small screens. There […]