2-in-One_ App

Avvenire keeps their readers informed 24 hours a day

Avvenire,  a prominent Italian catholic newspaper, has partnered with Tecnavia to reach their goal of keeping their readers informed 24 hours a day. Avvenire is already offering their readers the 6am e-Edition,  enriched with the diocesan pages, a push notification on the App icon, and a newsletter email push informing readers when the e-Edition is online. The 6am e-Edition also offers background download.  In addition, the 12am “midnight” e-Edition is available both on the web, and on the App, including a notification on the device screen to inform readers that the new edition is online.

This week, Avvenire has launched  another Tecnavia product solution,
the 2-in-one iOS and Android App
: an App featuring real time news to keep their readers constantly informed plus the digital daily newspaper replica, all in one, for readers on the move.

Tecnavia is excited to have been chosen by Avvenire to achieve their goal of keeping readers informed with two daily e-Editions, as well as real time news, available at their fingertips, 24 hours a day.