German newspaper creates value with their dusty legacy

Grafschafter Nachrichten partners with Tecnavia for impressive online archive

Grafschafter Nachrichten, a regional newspaper in Germany, has partnered with Tecnavia to migrate their impressive heritage: a historical archive of over 400,000 pages on 7 different titles, ​into a fully searchable online digital archive. In addition, Tecnavia will also provide a fully functional payment system, giving publisher controlled access to their unique content. Tecnavia’s full service portfolio of innovative products provides Grafschafter Nachrichten the opportunity to generate revenue for their content, while remaining the trusted source of high quality journalism in the Grafschaft Bentheim region.

Tecnavia is currently working on the conversion of these historical pages, to make them part of Grafschafter’s digital e-Paper service. One of the key features includes comprehensive search access, against payment, within this historical archive. Tecnavia will grant subscribers free access to this impressive historical archive, which goes back to the year 1881, based on SSO. (

“We were glad to find a partner in Tecnavia who already has experience in handling such a big amount of data in a full text search index due to their world wide spread e-Paper solutions. It takes a lot of time and work to digitize the old newspapers. They were photographed on microfilm and in a further step scanned and provided with an optical code recognition”, said Mr. Andre Kröse, Head ​of ​EDV (Information Technology), who is responsible for the implementation of this extensive project.

Grafschafter Nachrichten​ is already taking advantage of the opportunities provided within Tecnavia’s NewsMemory Bluebird latest HTML5 update to publish their e-Paper on tablets and smartphones without the need for a platform-specific app. In addition, they also offer Tecnavia’s 2-in-One iOS and Android App: an app featuring real time news to keep readers constantly informed, plus the digital daily newspaper replica; all in one, for readers on the move. Grafschafter Nachrichten: anytime, anywhere!

Grafschafter Nachr​ichten’s​ decision to partner with Tecnavia will provide the benefits of over 40 years of publishing experience. With intelligent functionalities where they count most, Tecnavia is proud to make our products work harder for this German customer. Like Grafschafter Nachrichten, you too can count on us to be your essential partner, providing a complete portfolio of publishing products and solutions for 360° of service.

Rene Sluyk, European Sales Manager for Tecnavia cites Tecnavia’s unlimited custom options in production, as well as budget, as some of the key benefits in choosing Tecnavia. “Bringing online your complete historical archive is a great idea indeed, but making money with old news only makes ​sense if the initial investment is not exorbitant. At Tecnavia, we can work with publishers of publications of any size, as well as any budget to develop a unique solution specifically customized to suit their individual needs”.

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​​Top image: ​Mr. Andre Kröse, Head ​of ​EDV​,​​ shows inside the archive storage room in Nordhorn, the publication Nordhorner Nachrichten of 27th of September 1930 ( copyright: Grafschafter Nachrichten ).

Smaller image inside article: The impressive historical archive in print goes back to the year 1881, and will soon be also fully digital available ( copyright: Grafschafter Nachrichten ).