Websites Provide Critical Product Presentation

Newspaper websites have become an essential and integral part of a full-featured product portfolio. The time spent by readers on mobile devices has now far exceeded that on desktop, making it essential for publishers to have a responsive and adaptive website that makes their content available, easily accessible, and user-friendly on any tablet and smartphone, even those with small screens.

Tecnavia’s website solution converts your website to a responsive and adaptive layout for all screens and web browsers. Thanks to Tecnavia’s unique Replicator WordPress system, we can replicate your existing website, with a stress-free switch over, creating a user-friendly infrastructure that allows easy expand-ability and less expensive developments.
Basing the system on WordPress, our website solution allows publishers of any size, and on virtually any budget, to take advantage of a wide variety of plug-ins and developers, while resolving the limitations normally intrinsic with WordPress.

Extremely cost-effective, Tecnavia’s full-featured, flexible solution guarantees fast, easy updating and content management of your material both on the web and in the App environment. Tecnavia is proud to provide a seamless, customized product portfolio to assist any publisher with reducing costs, streamlining workflows, and generating revenues, while maintaining complete control over their content. Our wide array of product solutions solve even your most challenging product presentation dilemmas.