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Metered Paywall: Der Teckbote keeps their online news content exclusive with Tecnavia’s solution

After the implementation of the e-Edition, as well as iOS and Android Apps, Der Teckbote has chosen another quality Tecnavia solution to expand their​ continuously growing e-Publishing portfolio: Metered Paywall.

Tecnavia’s simple, yet highly effective paywall solution keeps Der Teckbote’s content exclusive,  while helping them acquire new customers without sacrificing valuable traffic and advertising revenue. Metered P​aywall is a secure protection system based on both cookies and IP restrictions, provides  Der Teckbote the ability to remain the trusted source of high quality journalism in their region, without the suicidal form of economics, that is – giving their journalism away for free.

Tecnavia can also provide soft paywalls to allow readers to become accustomed to the new business model. Der Teckbote will allow users to read 15 articles per month, while subscribers, of course, can read the entire publication for no additional charge. ​The Metered Paywall is currently only active on the news section of their website ( ), so readers can continue to read all service and other related topics without any limitation. All pop-ups for Der Teckbote are configured by position, graphical layout, text ( translated in German, ) and dimensions. This provides the  customer the ability to determine which messages to display and when. Der Teckbote uses their pop-ups as a platform to encourage subscription, giving readers quick, easy access to the subscription page. Tecnavia can also offer metering with limits by section or specific arguments e.g. Paywall with 8 free articles, but only 3 in the sports section.​ We also offer a time customization;readers can access free content available in a defined amount of time e.g. one day, one week , one month. The article count will then be refreshed after  a certain period of time e.g. 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours.

Other factors to consider regarding a Metered Paywall ​solution are type of content, surrounding competition and possible alternative for the customers.It boils down to loyalty of the reader in combination with the willingness of the publisher to bundle digital and print, and based on that finding the right setting of the meter. That is far from trivial and m​etered systems are opposite of ‘one size fits all’, so the guide of an experienced partner, like Tecnavia, was needed and highly appreciated in Kirchheim unter Teck.

Tecnavia is proud to offer customized meter solutions to suit your needs. Let our experience work for you! Contact us today for more information on our secure Metered Paywall solution.