Weekblad Schuttevaer migrates to Tecnavia’s HTML 5 digital replica

The famous Dutch newspaper Weekblad Schuttevaer will upgrade their current e-Edition to our latest version of NewsMemory Bluebird, HTML 5 . The weekly maritime newspaper, founded in 1888, is owned by  MyBusinessMedia in Deventer, Netherlands, and has been a  Tecnavia customer since 2007.

With the decision to upgrade their current Tecnavia powered digital replica to our latest version,

Weekblad Schuttevaer can be proud to offer a full featured and robust solution supported across platforms and devices.

NewsMemory Bluebird HTLM5  will provide  their readers, many of whom are constantly on the move in Europe with their vessels, a pleasant and very engaging reading experience; anytime,  anywhere! Included in the service is an archive presenting ten years of publications, making them available for convenient online access and search. With these upcoming enhancements, Weekblad Schuttevaer is excited to present a digital version with the same layout as their print publication, but with a convenient, easy-to-navigate solution for a more pleasant user experience, for their readers on the go.