Weekblad Schuttevaer migrates to Tecnavia’s HTML 5 digital replica

Weekblad Schuttevaer migrates to Tecnavia’s HTML 5.0 digital replica, a full featured and robust solution supported across platforms and devices. Weekblad Schuttevaer is excited to present a digital version with the same layout as their print publication, but with a convenient, easy-to-navigate solution for a more pleasant user experience, for their readers on the go.

Tecnavia's 40th anniv.

Tecnavia celebrates 40th anniversary

Since 1975, Tecnavia has always aimed to provide simple, high-performance, innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions. Today we continue providing high quality technology solutions relying on hard work, bright ideas, and continuous research. NewsMemory Bluebird, the most recent development, is the result of years of experience.

AVVENIRE wins the “Giovannini Award” for innovation

Avvenire, a Tecnavia client, has won the “Giovannini Award” with a sophisticated and last generation system of automated reading voice, integrated in the App, that makes the listening of the news very pleasant and “human”. Thanks to the partnership with Tecnavia, Avvenire has released new, innovative services to its website and eedition readers, designed to interact with them more intuitively.