Advertising Circulars

Integrated Advertising Circulars Provide New Revenue; Keep Readers On Site Longer

Publish your weekly sales circulars within the structure of the eEdition, just as they are inserted into your print product! Newspapers can now offer an even bigger benefit to advertisers, generating additional ad revenue, offering their circulars in both print, and online, without substantial extra cost. Tecnavia can also provide a direct link to the circulars so that readers can access them outside the paywall too if you so choose!

​Grafschafter Nachrichten​ selects Tecnavia’s HTML 5.0 e-Paper and 2-in-one Apps

“During WAN-IFRA 2014 in Amsterdam we scanned the market and finally have decided for Tecnavia as supplier of our digital services, based on the possibility to use standard pdf files as input for the e​-P​aper​, ​which are automatically processed to readable articles. This gives us more stability and reliability in delivering the e​-P​aper to the customers. Another important argument for Tecnavia was the ability to offer a solution for web, iOS and ​A​ndroid which covered most of the common used devices on the market​”, says​ ​Mr. Andre Kröse, Head ​of ​EDV and responsible for the implementation of this project.